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Circle Of Life Collection

Inspired by the ancient Chinese perceptions of “Heaven” and “Earth”, the Circle of Life comprises two unique collections of fine jewellery that describe the fundamental concept of humanity’s earliest efforts to find its place in the Universe and the intricate relationships between the two.


The Circle of Life draws inspiration from the invisible manifestation and rhythms of nature. Working in circular, cyclical ways, the collection intertwines humanity and all living things with fate and destiny amid countless energy fields and an infinite array of size and mass to create endless possibilities.


The Square of Earth is motivated by the human mind in all its glory and limitation. Driven by evolution to learn how to adapt to the environment, even to overcome and conquer aspects of nature itself, the mind is the font of all knowledge. However, just as an infinite number of squares used to calculate the area of the circle never quite achieves its goal, so perfection is never achieved.

Life Of Circle Collection 


This sexy form represents our Creative Director, Dickson Yewn’s re-interpretation of the philosophical Tai Chi signature, which symbolizes the unceasing creation and ever-changing nature of life.

Double Happiness Collection

Our most popular collection, Double Happiness is based on two repeated characters of the Chinese word for joy “喜” (xi). “囍” is a common design for decoration and simply means double happiness. The motif often appears on decorative items associated with Lunar New Year celebrations and weddings. life of circle stylishly re-interprets the icon of bless which we all seek in love, career and family.

Auspicious Collection 


This series is based on 11 common Chinese auspicious symbols, all of which carry different auspicious meanings through their unique styles, artistic connotations and distinctive features. Popular in decorative folk arts for thousands of years, all of them have a special role in traditional Chinese culture, as the emblems are believed to portend luck and good fortunes.


Using micro-setting technique, has reinterpreted the 11 motifs into a series of exquisite 18k gold and diamond earrings and pendants.

Kinship Collection

The latest Kinship Collection of Life of Circle is a new interpretation of the traditional concepts of “pig” and “home”. It is also the first collection which is made by French craftsmen. The inspiration of the word “home” will be carried on with other family members coming up. The first object is the pendant of the piggy mum and the piggy daughter. Streamlined with 18K white gold and rose gold, the pendant is highlighted by the flower made up of high purity E and F grade white diamonds to bring out the elegance of the female piggy bank.

Tangram Collection

The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat polygons, called tans, which are put together to form shapes. The objective is to replicate a pattern generally found in a puzzle book using all seven pieces without overlap. Alternatively the tans can be used to create original minimalist designs that are either appreciated for their inherent aesthetic merits or as the basis for challenging others to replicate its outline.

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