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...human beings may forget their origins, but nature, never...


After an eight years long exploration in motion picture, advertising, marketing and fine arts in the 90s, Dickson Yewn has finally found his path, a lesser traveled path in his attempt to express his idea of Oriental Beauty and philosophy: Contemporary Fine Jewelry. 

In year 2000, life of circle was founded. Using his new found medium, many forgotten beauties of China were re-interpreted through Yewn’s sensual vision of the Orient. From the Double Happiness collection, the Auspicious collection to the recently launched Piggy Bank collection, Yewn has captured the essence and the feminine side of the Chinese culture.

In 2005, life of circle had the honour or maybe a pure luckiness of winning an important honour: the Forbes Magazine best retail store in the world in the category of fine jewelry, beating all competitors of world renowned brands, placing us among other winning categories brands such as Hermès, Manolo Blahnik and Ralph Lauren in gifts, shoes and casual wear…etc.

In 2011, after the financial crisis, Yewn gave life of circle a brand new image, re-positioning herself back to a Luxury Fine Jewelry brand: an Asian Contemporary Luxury Jewelry brand with focus on Greater China culture and the common roots of Asia.

Creative Director - Dickson Yewn




Since childhood, Dickson Yewn has devoted himself to fine arts and felt an especially strong affinity to Chinese arts and culture. Since 1995, capitalizing on his fine arts training, Yewn has created many out-of-the-box and extraordinary jewelry pieces for his elitist customers. Most pieces are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. From Chinese Lattice, Paper Cut, Lock of Good Wishes to Glorious Peony Collections, his works not only draw inspiration from Chinese arts and culture, but did magic in transforming centuries old tradition into modern, wearable, contemporary Chinese arts.


His conceptual jewelry stores, life of circle, was selected by Forbes Magazine in 2005 as one of the top 25 stores/brand in the world, winning the category for jewelry store among other brand names such as Hermès, Manolo Blahnik and Ralph Lauren. In 2008, Yewn was invited by Sotheby’s to design a melo pearl demi-parure suite, which was glamorously sold for more than five million Hong Kong dollars.


In 2011, YEWN has become the first contemporary Chinese luxury jewelry brand chosen by the American First Lady. Michelle Obama was seen wearing YEWN’s iconic Chinese Lattice Jadeite Ring while waiting with her husband for the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.


Yewn always shares the same ideology of Heinrich Wang, the founder of Liu Li Gong Fang, Tittot and New Chi Porcelain, for “Continuing the Beauty of Chinese Cultural Heritage”. He would like to share his experience on how to do it without falling into the trap of approaching it from a western point of view. For Yewn, China should have her own version of modernity, not a borrowed one.

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